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Meet Anooja Ms. Anooja Bashir is a beautifully empowered woman who proved her capabilities of being extraordinary. She is who used her motherhood as an armour and her wisdom as her shield to emerge from a woman next door to a successful entrepreneur with an experience of a lifetime.


Through her diversified profiles and multi -talented skills, she has helped individuals ,startups & organisation to bring out the best with more than two decade of corporate experience across India and GCC countries

different shades of a versatile professional..

Are you stressed about a business halt? Looking for elements to boost business? Approach her for strategic marketing & implementation .

She will help you in identifying your problem with a solution that has an innovative concept.

Are you unaware of what a brand is? Looking to evolve your product into a brand? Conceptualize and create your brand that grabs attention.

She is THE RIGHT choice who can get you the dream brand you crave!Evolve your venture into brand with her

Are you down by the world being hard on you? Quit worrying and reinvent yourself! Know yourself better by connecting yourself to the real you.

Our superwoman can mentor you in the right direction bringing the best of you professionally & personally.


never give up on your dreams


Confused about your start-up idea? Scared to take the jump? 

Don't worry, Ms. Anooja has the right words for you and your business idea. She will show you the exact path to walk towards success.

Our super woman can help you do that, by giving you the right direction and path for specially for you. 

Anooja is an entrepreneur, a women empowerment enthusiast, a business leader , brand & marketing strategist, business coach and a mentor for startups and SME’s with more than two decades of corporate experience with clients across globe.She has transformed her business operation into a centre of excellence through restructuring business model innovation with her go -to-marketing strategies. She has received many appreciation and awards in the industry for her excellence in business ,marketing and conceptualisation and design thinking skills.She has been a customer driven marketing expert with more than 20 + years of corporate experience in multi-channel marketing and customer experience strategies to elevate brand awareness, increase engagement, deliver exponential conversion and sales uplift, with managing B2B and B2C clients from FMCG, Wellness, Construction, Real estate , Logistics & travel, retail and technology.

different shades of a versatile professional..

Is your business falling? Looking for  support?
She can  refine your talents, guide your decisions, hone your goals, and do everything to ensure that you and your business never fall apart.

Confused about scaling your business??Scared to take a jump?.Dont worry Ms.Anooja can give you right consultation for expanding your business idea and show you the exact path to reach you business vision.

Want to know ways to serve society? Are you suffering from hunger or medical ailments?Anooja and her team can support and guide you through her social campaign Anooja initiatives. Log on to for more details.

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Dreams are limitless and so should your efforts in making them true

Anooja has proven that there is nothing a person can not do, despite of facing numerous hazzles in her  entrepreneurial sagaa. Add flying colours to your professional dreams to her