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Her Story

The Journey of a professional

Adventure of a professional

Ms. Anooja Bashir, like many of us, emerged from a conservative background who decided that her life was not just about being simple. She wanted more and hence decided to create an extraordinary life for herself.She is a lovely mother of two, an entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, project manager, a former assistant professor, an amazing leader, and the list just goes on. Ms. Anooja, a post graduate holds experience in various fields expanding her range of knowledge.

Begining of her professionalism

Ms Anooja graduated as a civil engineer and started her professional journey. She had been in Dubai for most of her days and later she decided to pursue Mtech in Ocean Technology from CUSAT. Soon after, she pursued her career in academia as an Assistant Professor. While indulging with the education system much deeper than a conventional teacher, she realised the lack of development and evolution in the education field. She saw that the students were not exactly prepared for the real world. That became the turning point for her professional life. There the idea of creating a finishing school was born.



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