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She guides people in business with simple strategies to grow & influence their audience. She is your book to transform your life and passion


Anooja  a CEO by profession whose performance and experience with academia and corporate marked the beginning of my venture OUREA. Today being the CEO of the successful 360 degree business venture, she has laid her hands on branding, marketing and information technology with a strong team along with human resource management and corporate training. After serving more than a decade in the various corporate industries, she is now a serial entrepreneur managing two companies Ourea , Flexicloud with clients all across the globe. Her forte includes Branding , Designing ,Strategic Marketing ,Business Research & Development, and content management She has got featured in leading newspapers like TOI,Indian Express,Fortune India ,Entrepreneur India ,Deccan Chronicle ,Your story ,Statesman, Outlook, Hindusthan times, YAHOO, Business world & Business standard. She has taken and volunteered more than 75 + workshops & has been a keynote speaker on Josh talks and nominated for TedX.

her story


Adventure of a professional

Ms. Anooja Bashir, like many of us, emerged from a conservative background who decided that her life was not just about being simple. She wanted more and hence decided to create an extraordinary life for herself.She is a lovely mother of two, an entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, project manager, a former assistant professor, an amazing leader, and the list just goes on. Ms. Anooja, a post graduate holds experience in various fields expanding her range of knowledge.

Begining of her professionalism

Ms Anooja graduated as a civil engineer and started her professional journey. She had been in Dubai for most of her days and later she decided to pursue Mtech in Ocean Technology from CUSAT. Soon after, she pursued her career in academia as an Assistant Professor. While indulging with the education system much deeper than a conventional teacher, she realised the lack of development and evolution in the education field. She saw that the students were not exactly prepared for the real world. That became the TURNING POINT for her professional life. There the idea of creating a finishing school was born.


After 10 years of corporate background and another few years in academia in 2014, she decided to bridge the gap of talents of academia and corporate, hence conferred the idea of an innovative program called LIKES – Learning Innovative Key Employment Skills. She moduled the course in a way that the students will acquire the essential qualities for being in the corporate world. Her idea was to give the five vital elements of professionalism to enhance their skills like the Panchathatva theory of life.


This whole idea was a long shot and unfortunately was turned down by many as it was challenging the existing system. LIKES became a failed attempt and the innovation was put down. She realised that this couldn’t be a one-person job and that she needed more expertise and experience. She needed more people and more brains.  This fall did not break Ms. Anooja, she decided to go low and take a leap to experience another part of her talents, the managing skills.


But this could not last long as there was opposition from her family regarding the instability of the job compared to her teaching or corporate profession. This put another halt to her dreams of entrepreneur and she got back to the corporate world. These emotional stresses then was accompanied by a huge financial loss as she had to shift her career base all over again.



Another phase was going back to academia as the Assistant professor, where she slowly started to put out workshops and much innovative ideas for her students. There she became the only female member of Kerala Technological University. Though this was an experience of a lifetime, somewhere she felt aloof and wanted something more. Her craving for something bigger was tickling her and she decided to take a break. Meanwhile, she finished a course in Interior designing which complimented her degree of a civil engineer. Her keen interest in creativity helped her get a good hold in this field as well. Interior designing helped her bag a lot of experience in thekedaron  corporate world and she got the opportunity to lead multiple projects giving her leadership quality a bounce back. Her keenness towards the corporate world and marketing sector pushed her towards pursuing MBA, giving her a better understanding of the techniques. Marketing being her forte she excelled in the field miraculously. As she got more deeper into the corporate world her understanding of the bits and pieces of the industry was integrated. Her being a woman again put a lot of halts in her way up.


The next step was to be inspired more. Her fire for wanting more was grown by Mr. Yusuf Ali’s Lulu Hypermarket concept. That led to collaboration of Ms. Anooja with many experts in the corporate field recreating Ourea, the one stop shop solution for all the corporate needs. In 2017, as she had this irresistible idea of establishing her entrepreneurial career, unfortunately many mishappenings broke her. She went through a lot of emotional, physical and financial losses leading to a break.


But our leader being a modern day Pheonix, rose and created a better team with the perfect IT support establishing a strong base in 2018 with  Ourea as – a 360° Business Management Consultancy.


From here on her adventure of maintaining a successful business goes on. She continues to inspire and mentor many individuals giving them the hope and power for a better future.She is currently also has been involving with many organizations and branding them to stand better. She had succeeded in being a brand strategist. Not only just being there for some, she has been involved in social entrepreneurship where she advocates women empowerment and child welfare. She is now a startup mentor to more than 25+ incubators including Niti Ayog,Atal Mission,IIM Kashipur,IIT MandhiJESERC,JNFU ,Wadhwani,Kerala Startup Mission,TiE ,WICCI and few more.In addition to this Anooja is an investor to a few startups.

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She says,”Your failure should be your push to achieve more and more as dreams are like sky, they’re boundless.”And there she continues to conquer and rise high and higher.

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