Ms. Anooja Bashir has always been a creative head. The artistic and creative side of our world has attracted her, she has bagged many such experiences where she has led multiple projects giving her experience for a variety of positions.

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Creative Director

In Oureansoul, Ms. Anooja Bashir is not only the CEO but also the Creative Director of Ourea corp and Oureasoul. She has always portrayed excellent conflict resolving skills with an amazing set of communication skills making her the perfect Creative Director our team could ever ask for. She conceptualises the corporate offerings. She creates innovative and creative designs to meet the client’s requirement. She acts to transform company needs and services into meaningful and beautiful art. With proven experience in the design field, her team creates satisfied clients.

Design Consultant

She is the perfect person to get the conceptualised designs that helps you to convey the right communication with your targeted audience. She along with her team has been a part of many projects in designing awesome logos ,business collaterals and marketing assets.Anooja is well expertise in stratergising the concepts into visually appealing designs that connects the potential customers during their buyers journey.She is always in constant effort to create unique designs as per the clients venture ,domain and their business vision.

Brand Consultant

Ms. Anooja Bashir, being the CEO of a 360° Business Management Consultancy has expertised in the field of creating perfect brand strategies and plans to create any and all products into the brand that can take it to heights. She has a long list of clientele showcasing her talent and fortes.Her expertise in analysis and generating solutions has always been remarked. She master the skill of creating and portraying what your brand stands for. She helps you unpack your story and makes your product evolve as a brand.

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Image consultant

In her deep experience with the corporate world and academia she understood the points where the people are lacking. She being a fashion enthusiast herself gave her better insights in showcasing a person’s best foot in more impressive ways. She grooms the individual in every and all possible ways to build up their career faster. She helps individuals to enhance their personality and appearance both professionally and personally. She works to make her clients consistent in their social, professional and personal roles. Her consultation mainly focuses on behaviour, appearance and communication skills. 

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Social Entrepreneur

She dreams and envisions a society where everyone has access to necessities. Her vision was transformed into an initiative named ‘Anooja Initiative’ with close support from her friends. With joined efforts of members and volunteers she developed her vision into reality. Nirvana envisions a SOCIETY where  everyone  has access to good quality vitals, and also enlightening the power of basic knowledge. She  looks up to the society to preserve and share the actual definition of being a beneficent human. According to her, each person has their own duties and obligations towards their community and her activity has been always following this principle of communal harmony. For more details, log on to anoojainitiatives.com .


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